Each car offered is meticulously rebuilt by our highly experienced race team members. With components pulled from the same inventory as used by the race teams, every aspect of our certified race cars are authentic – including the legendary Hendrick Motorsports engine under the hood. Most cars offered have competed in multiple races, many with a winning pedigree, and often campaigned wearing multiple liveries over their lifespan – providing the buyer with options.


A Buying Experience Like No Other



Upon taking delivery of your car, you and your guests will be given a behind the scenes tour of the Hendrick Motorsports facilities where all certified race cars were originally raced out of and ultimately rebuilt. From the chassis shop to final assembly, and a rare look inside the engine and R&D shops, you’ll see how raw materials were transformed into the precision instrument of performance that you now own.



For invited guests only, the Hendrick Heritage Center showcases Rick Hendrick's passion for automobiles, including the worlds largest collection of 1967 Corvettes. Your party will receive an unforgettable private guided tour of rare muscle cars, exotics, and marquee cars, included with the purchase of a Hendrick Motorsports Certified Racecar.



Before you take your new race car home, you'll get a full rundown on how to safely care for your investment from our expert teams who rebuilt your car - including a championship winning crew chief!

Invest Confidently


Only when you buy directly from Hendrick Motorsports will you receive exclusive documentation for your racecar – including, but not limited to, Certificates of Authenticity for both the chassis and engine, a portfolio of race day photos, and provenance of the full race history of the car.


The Hendrick Motorsports Certified Racecar Registry is a complete directory of all historical Hendrick Motorsports racecars in the personal collection of Rick Hendrick and those who have purchased Certified Racecars. As an exclusive member, you will receive access to extensive documentation and information on the vehicles in the registry.




Forget the stress of coordinating expensive cross-country transportation for your investment. Included in your purchase is delivery of your Certified Race Car anywhere in the continental United States. Our team will ensure that your car arrives at its new home safely and in style – in the back of a dedicated enclosed Hendrick Motorsports hauler.